Flat Twist Ponytail

flat-twist-ponytailLooking cute is all about sexy appearance and how well people perceive you in public. However, one needs to have the right hairdo to achieve all these. Flat twist pony tails are the best way to go about the all process. Some people may think that obtaining flat twist pony tails is such a hard thing, but you should be rest assured that flat twist pony tails are the easiest hair styles that one can opt to wear. All you need are the necessary tips on how to obtain the pony tails as well as how to manage them all through the day.

Twists are the best for cute lengthy hair. Good hair styles need to be incorporated with flat twist pony tails and they also have to be accompanied by other related hair styles such as braids. Twist pony tails need to be original so as they can give you an authentic look in front of the public. Flat twist pony tail does best suit natural hair. Actually, twist pony tail is the best option for blown out as well as stretched hair. Learning how to do flat twist pony tail is all about determination rather than a skill; you can do it yourself or hire the services of an expert to do it for you.

Flat twist pony tails are romantic. They can be stylish, complex, as well as sophisticated. Twist pony tail needs to be easy to do and maintain. Twisted pony tail can be obtained in a number brands, which are highly refined and elegant. You can choose to make a side positioned pony tail, twin pony tails, or middle parting pony tail. With these different styles you are certain that you will get the best outlook. These pony tails are not hard to comprehend, you can simply do it yourself. Pony tails can be twisted to obtain the tight ones as well as the loose ones.

Here are some simple tips on how to come up with twist pony tails. Let us start with twist cute pony tail. This pony tail is characterized by a side section that is pinned or tightened using an elastic band. This side section is usually placed just above the pony tail. This cute twist pony tail requires you to dress up with the right attires so as the hair style can look more appealing and sexy. This pony tail also calls for nice and cute jewelry. Never forget to match the pony tail with your facial features.

The other beautiful hairdo is the twist high pony tail. This one requires you to first iron your hair, and then have it applied with some gel. Afterwards, use either hair spray or dry shampoo to improve on your hair’s texture. By use of your fingers, gently pull your hair straight upwards some distance above your ears. Then have the pony tail smoothen and use a bungee holder to hold it in place. What the bungee holder does is to give your pony tail the right position.

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Beehive Hairdo

beehive-hairdoThe beehive hairdo defines beehive hair style worn by women. This hair style emerged from the 60s and developed through the ages. The beehive hairdo stood firm for a number of years in the 60s; this made the hair style’s popularity grow beyond any doubts. The beehive major trait is represented by big, long hair. In addition, the beehive can be obtained by curling the hair, then tease them and finally have tem sprayed in order to have the hair correctly positioned. However, you need to know the basics of obtaining such a look.

A good beehive can be obtained by employing the correct basis of beehive set. The essential things that you need are: shampoo and a dry piece of cloth. You will use the two items to dry the hair. Ladies with curlers will have to remove them wen drying the hair but one is not supposed to comb them. Curling hair can easily be destroyed, so it is advisable not to use any kind of lotion, but use the specified lotion. Curls need to be sprayed from the root of
the air. This way you will be able to provide enough nutrients to your air making the curls strong and healthy.

It does not take much to obtain the beehive style. To begin with you will have to position all the necessary accessories within your reach including: hair pins, hair sprays and so on. Gently pull your hair from your forehead towards your crown and have it clipped with a hair clip. Have your hair combed from the neck region towards the top. Then, with the use of bobby pins hold your hair upwards. Have the ends of your hair swirled while you keep them in check by the use of hair spray. Have the large clip removed and back comb your hair in small portions. Once all the hair has been fixed, have it sprayed with hair spray.

You can also obtain a classical beehive hairdo by employing the following tips and tricks: begin by setting pony tails, then isolate small portions of the pony tails; afterwards have the small sections ratted. Take the ratted pony tails and have them fixed into other secondary pony tails, at the same time have the secondary pony tails tighten into a crown. Then go ahead and rat all the unrated hair and repeat the all process of obtaining the secondary pony tails. The finalizing stage involves curling sections of the unrated hair by the use of curling iron.

The beehive hairdo is basically the most classic and easy hair style that anyone should try out. What you need to know is merely very simple to comprehend. However, you can still opt to seek the expertise of air dressers if you feel like the directions are to complex for you to understand and execute. Nevertheless, this will present some difficulties especially if you are not financially prepared. So, it is always cheap and considerate to master the skills yourself and then carry the whole process with the a help of a friend.

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Two Toned Layered Hairstyles

two-toned-layered-hairstyleLayered hair styles have been over the years considered to be the most trendy hair styles. Many adjustments have been carried out on them to produce other unique and sexy hair styles. However, one of the best hair styles that emerged from the layered hair styles are the two toned layered hair styles. The emergence of the two toned layered hair styles so to it that new looks composed of a blend of colors came into existence. These hair styles are characteristically essential for both dark and light skinned ladies. The hair styles can also match best with all hair sizes, starting with the short hair types, medium hair types to long hair types.

The main characteristic feature of two toned layered hair styles has to do with the contrasting colors. These two colors are usually complimentary; they can support each other in maintaining a sexy and cute appearance. Apart from the two basic colors that most individuals may opt for, there are still other colors that can be blended to offer a sexy two toned layered hair styles appearance. Such colors are to be selected based on a person’s complexion, the natural hair’s color and of course the sorts of attires that one will be wearing.

The choice of the two colors has to be tactical. By tactical i mean to say that you should settle for a combination of two colors that can match with your favorite eye shadows, eye liners, and so on. Also check on the colors of your most frequently attires. Furthermore, you need to consider the intensity with which you want to appear. You should ask yourself such questions as: Am I after a deep colored appearance or just a light and sensitive appearance? Well, the basic answer to this will be as per your likes and dislikes. Here are some of the best coupled hair colors that you may opt for: black and brown, purple and blue, dark chocolate and caramel, platinum and black, platinum and ash blond, and so on.

Some of the world class two toned layered hair styles include the following. Firstly, we have the two toned layered chic long bangs short haircut. This one is characterized by a long side swept bang that is defined by a combination of colors. Secondly, we have the two toned layered soft curls long hair style; this one is defined by soft long colors blended with the desired colors. Thirdly, we have the two toned layered super long blonde hairdo, they are characterized by straight bangs and chest level two toned layers. Fourthly, we have the two toned layered twin tone long hair styles. Fifthly, we have the medium two toned layered cropped hair styles, these ones are usually accompanied by cropped bangs that fall just above the eyes, and they normally feature the black and brown combination.

The simplest tips that you ought to remember as far as two toned layered hair styles are concerned are: always match the two colors correctly, have your face brighten with the lighter color of the two, and ensure that the base color of the hair style is the darker one.

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Pear-Shaped Face Hair Cut

pear-shaped-haircutFace shapes have proven to be the best criteria of fishing new and cute haircuts categorically. The modern haircuts are chosen based on an individual’s face shapes. Thus, there are various face shapes that match with various hair styles. This means that you can possibly not wear a given haircut that does not match your face shape. One of such face shapes is the pear-shaped face shape. This face shape is characterized by a narrow forehead and a wide jaw line. The face shape assumes the shape of a pear. The wide shape at the jaw line gives the face shape its sexy appearance.

Due to the narrowness at the forehead, this face shape matches best with hair styles that are concentrated with hair at the top. If the hair style to be worn is layered, the layers are extending towards the neck giving more attention to the eyes and other facial features. The jaw line is characteristically brought out to present the sexiest look. Pear-shaped hair styles need to talk more on your facial traits rather than giving you a different look from your previous one. With appropriate hair styling tips, this hair style can do wonders to your look.

The choice of pear-shaped hair styles should revolve around the fact that you are after a symmetrical look that is sexy and trendy. So, based on the definition of a pear-shaped face, you need to find hair styles that will add volume on your thin front hair as well as describe the facial features that are hidden behind the face shape. The first and most important hair style that pear-shaped faces ladies’ can opt for is the layered shag haircut. Layered shag is known to fill the top front section of your hair and also give deeper description of your facial traits as well as shaping the jaw line in such a way that the hair style assumes a sexy appearance.

The next trendy hair style that can be worn with pear-shaped faces is the curly layered hair style. This hair style is widely defined by layered curls that are highly textured. In addition, the haircut has more curls at the top front side. The layered curls on the side are rested on the chin level but the jaw line is free of them. This hair style offers more attention to the eyes and the face at large. Deep facial features are brought to surface making the haircut sexier and presentable.

As we have seen, pear-shaped haircuts have more hair added at the top part near the forehead rather than the jaw line region. So, when styling these haircuts, you are supposed to pay more attention to the forehead section. For instance, if you are wearing bangs, it will be wise to have the bangs set in such a way that they will fill the forehead appropriately. However, you are advised not to create too much weight at the front since this may interfere with all your facial traits, since the weight will tend to be voluminous towards the bottom of your face.

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Hair Styling Equipment

hair-styling-equipmentChoosing and buying hairstyling equipment and supplies for your salon is not easy. You must have the right equipment and supplies that will give your customers’ maximum satisfaction as well as a good base for the customers. Understand the tips and guidelines on how to choose and buy the best hairstyling equipment for your salon as we drag this article.

Initiating and operating a hair salon is a great business move for profitable income. However, setting it up is not easy because as the owner, you have to invest essential equipments, furniture, and supplies that will help operate the business and will give the essential needs of the customers as well. During the finalization of the hair salon, the hairstyling equipment should be arranged too. It would be best to purchase the equipment from a wholesaler for best prices. For a start, purchase only the essential equipments and later on add some equipment once the business is already in full swing. Moreover, consider the number of customers that you can accommodate and number of personnel who will use the equipment before you purchase.

Choosing and Buying Hairstyling Equipment

The hairstyling equipment and supplies that you will purchase should depend on the provided services of the salon. Here is a guided list of the equipment/supplies:

Hairstyling Chairs – this is the most basic furniture in a hair salon. There are various styling chairs of different designs and price ranges. Always choose chairs that are easy to operate, durable, and comfortable. Make sure that the styling chairs blend with the theme and decorations of the salon.

Hairstyling Station – this should include electrical outlet, tool holders/compartments, storage drawers, and a mirror. It comes in different amenities and designs.

Trolleys and Carts – this enables portability and easy storage of the hairdressing equipment.

Hair Processors/Steamers – this essential equipment provide hair moisture and head massage especially after application of hair colors, hair dyes, and during deep conditioning treatments.

Shampoo Bowls – refer to sinks that are used for hair conditioning, hair washing, and hair treatments. It comes with pump peddle for lowering or elevating the drain system and level of the bowl.

Hair Combs/Brushes – are important for hair salon. Ensure that the salon is equipped with all types of hair combs and brushes such as tail-end comb, wide-toothed comb, square brush, round brush, and more.

Hair Clippers/Scissors – just like combs and brushes, the salon must be equipped with various hair scissors, hair clipper blades, and hair clippers. You can seek recommendations or suggestions from the hairstylists on which types of clippers and scissors they would like to use.

Hairstyling Tools – consist of the latest multi-styling kits, curlers, diffusers, blow dryers, and hair straighteners that will keep up the current hairstyling demands.

Other Supplies – consist of plastic/rubber gloves, geyser, hand held mirrors, paper towels, applicator brushes, water sprayers, aprons, mixing bowls, hair clips, and different hair accessories. Professional hair care products like wigs, hair extensions, hair dyes, hair colors, styling mousse and gels, hair perming and straightening kits, conditioners, and shampoos.

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Messy Updos

messy-updosThere are many women who prefer having a messy up do rather than going for neat look. It adds on to the style statement plus it takes a very little time to make good messy updos. Good thing is that regardless of the type of event, you could make messy hairstyles. Also you get to have versatility since messy updos never need to be done the way they are told. You can always add your own touch to it which makes it a hair style that has never been seen before.

Wearing Messy Updos

Women look cute when they have messy updos. They give any women a youthful look and they are easy to manage. You can wear great casuals along with it and sport a carefree attitude. Apart from casuals, you could enhance the beauty of gowns and beautiful heels with it.

Types of Messy Updos

Messy hair styles look good on women who have long hair length however; women with short hair length could sport this style too. For those who have short hair, using hair extensions would be a great idea. Now before making a messy up do, you must wash your hair and then keep all the pins and accessories in place.

An Elegant Mess

This messy hairdo is simply ideal for the prom and a special dinner date. To do it, you must tangle- free the hair and run a good amount of mousse over the hair. Comb nicely after it and then divide the hair into different sections which are of equal size. Clip each section after twisting them. Now after some time, remove the clips and run your fingers upside down over the hair. Pull back the hair to make ponytail high at the crown and wrap it to create a bun. Pin it up but make it look undone as much as you like. Now release few strands and curl them optionally. Finish this messy do by spraying light mist of a good hair spray.

Easy Options

If you do not have much time for making messy updos, then just gather the hair to for low ponytail and twist it upwards. Secure these with hand and then take out few strands and you are done. So this was all about the messy up dos. Try them at home before you actually plan to wear them at an event or a regular day.

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Hairstyles of Shannyn Sossamon

Shannyn Sossamon is one lady who is famous for her feminine as well as tomboy type looks. She looks extremely sexy in her feminine style and extra flamboyant when not so feminine. Now you must be wondering what exactly is the inside out secret behind this, and to tell you the fact we would like to tell you that it is nothing but hairstyles of Shannyn Sossamon that makes her stand out of the crowd all the time. It does not matter what hairstyle she carries out, it looks perfect on her and does not fail her at all.

shannyn-sossamonLook Beautiful with Shannyn Sossamon Hairstyle

Let us see which hairstyles of Shannyn Sossamon are best and how can one try them out to look beautiful and at the same time classy. As we all know that her hair is always kept short so women with short hair can wear her hairstyles. She is more and more into bobs, pixie cuts, baby bangs and shags. She is often seen playing with her short hair by sometimes adding side bangs to them with side partition. Pixie cut also looks great on her and also shows off her ears plus compliments her features too.

Hairstyles of Shannyn Sossamon are also differentiated from other celebrities as she does not try many colors and keep her hair in tones of chocolate brown, light brown. This is also because she has medium skin tone. So all the ladies out there try some styles on you and see what it does to your appearance.

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Christina Applegate Hairstyle

We all know that our hair style is one most vital part when you have to look your best. It is a hard core true fact that it does not matter if you wear a dress that is worth thousand dollars, but if your hair is not set right or you are not wearing a good hairstyle, all your beauty can go vain. So, it is important that you must carry out your hair in a glamorous way. Christina Applegate is one lady, whose hairstyles are adored by all and every body of you can try out the hairstyles that she wears normally.

christina-applegate-hairstyleMajor Styles of Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate hairstyle is made usually on long length or on hair at least till shoulders. Some of her major styles that you all can try out include layers. She is fond of layers and that is why you can find them in every hairstyle that she poses. Her layers are either set out or set in. Plus what add more elegance to her style is waves along with the layers and free style.

Another Christina Applegate hairstyle that appeals us is one with long hair. It is the sleek and straight look with middle parting but with no waves and no layers. All these hairstyles are quite simple and you can get them done from any of your nearest hair salon. So, go try it out but it is advised that you opt for a style that you suit your face cut rather than going for something which you find trendy.

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New Years Eve Hairstyles

new-years-eve -hairstyleNew Year is a time to celebrate and enjoy the night by dancing away. This New Year if you wish to have a great hairstyle so as to sizzle the party then there are a lot of options for New Years Eve hairstyles. If you are bored with the boring regular hair style of yours and wish to have something new, then here is a list of options from which you could choose. Pick the hair style that suits your personality in the best possible manner.

Types of New Years Eve hairstyles

new-years-eve -hairstyle1Simple hair could look classic on new hair celebration. You could flatten your hair with flat iron in bob cut with bangs and then pair it with red lipstick to get dramatic look along with simple one. Then you could have festive look in which your hair style would show that you are in a mood to enjoy and you are feeling a bit flirty as well. For this you must gel back the hair’s sides to show the face and dangle some of the long strands of hair down the back. You could wrap strands with the colorful ribbons and then wear a bright makeup. This look looks amazing on women who have long hair length.

Some more styles for New Year

One of the most popular and appreciated new years eve hairstyle is reggae style. In case you are in a wild mood then this one is meant for you. Just wrap your hair strands and twist them properly with careful use of dryers and brushes. Mist the hair with hair spray so that the twists do not open up.

You could do funky makeup along with it and get ready to hit the dance floor with gorgeous looks. Then if you wish to have a sober look then go for an elegant updo. It goes with every dress but the only problem is that it is time consuming. To do it, you must sweep all the hair to the back and then tie them tightly in to a ponytail. Now split this ponytail in sections and then pin them up by twirling and twisting neatly. Keep your makeup very simple if you choose to have this hair style.

Then you could try out sophisticated style in which you could just leave blow dried hair open. So this was all about New Years Eve hair styles.

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Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics

ancient-egyptian-cosmeticsEgypt is a fascinating country. It is known for rich culture and ancient monuments. From the king tut mania to the Elizabeth tailor’s Cleopatra, Egypt has given us so much to read about and talk about. One thing that interests us about ancient Egyptians is their method of using makeup, the shades of their makeup and so much more. It is known that even for afterlife, they found the use of cosmetics essential.

It is very common for an archeologist to find clay pots of small size filled with makeup in most humble monuments of Egypt. This shows that beauty was one important thing for ancient Egyptian women. Besides beauty, the makeup used by Egyptians was meant for the protection against insects and sun’s burning rays. Also, it is known that makeup application was served as ritual to honor the Egyptian gods or goddesses.

Eye Makeup and Fragrance in Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics

Egyptian makeup is famous by the eye paint. Egyptian women used to wear green and black paint to decorate their eyes. Black paint was generated by galena whose powder now we call kohl. The black paint helped them stay protected from sun. The green paint was generated through malachite powder which helped them to stay away from infection. They applied paint through hands and to make these paints, they used to powder the minerals in palette.

Another one of the most famous ancient Egyptian cosmetics is perfume. Artisans extracted scent by distilling cinnamon, myrrh, frankincense and cassia with fats or oils. This method is called enfleurage in which people soak resins or flowers in layers of fat. This progresses into pomades which were worn by Egyptians in shape of cone over the top of their heads. When it used to melt, fragrant oil would run to the neck and face, after scenting hair.

Soaps and Body Oils in Encient Egyptian Cosmetics

Egyptians considered unclean body to be impure. So they invented soaps but not in form of bars or liquid body wash. Their soap was paste of clay with oil which sometimes was scented. This mixture cleaned the body and protected it against skin disease or damages.

In oil, they used olive oil as it moisturizes and nourishes skin. Also it heals the sun damages and stress problems. Body oil was so important that it was received as part of wage by the Egyptian workers. It helped to remove stretch marks, give protection from sun, etc.

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